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<H2>Capturing the love, moments, and passion of life </H2>

<b>Hi!  Welcome to Jamie Good Photography!</b>
I’m Jamie, the girl behind the lens.  To put it simply I love photography.  I put a lot of passion and soul into my art; it’s an extension of me and how I see the remarkable world we live in.  I love being able to capture the world and show another perspective on the simple things that are easily overlooked in our busy lives; stopping a moment in time so that you can experience it over and over again.  I believe that beauty is in the simple everyday things.  My family often describes me as someone who sees the small detailed things that others sometimes miss, who enjoys the simplicity of everyday wonders.  I believe my passion to capture these ordinary treasures is what makes me a good photographer.   

Far surpassing my passion for photography is my love for my family. I have been blessed with three wonderful boys; 19, 4 and 1.  My partner in crime is Michael; a man I’m incredibly honored to call my husband of 12 years.   Furthermore I don’t know what I’d do without my extended family.  They are my roots and keep me grounded every day.  I have been incredibly blessed in my life and aspire to be a blessing to others.

Jamie Good Photography specializes in Newborn, Senior and Family Portraits for the Baltimore/DC metro areas.